Miss, I Got 95%

I had planned on another topic to write on.  And I was quite excited to share the wonderful news of what happened and what the Lord is busy doing.

But then, yesterday, as we were about to start our session with the Kings Club, one of the boys said to me, “miss, I got 95% on my speech about rationalisation.” A few weeks ago, we talked about this topic; and it’s quite an interesting topic because not a lot of people are aware of it.  It’s basically making a bad decision and convincing yourself and others that it’s the right decision. We had ample examples on this topic to look at.

He continued to tell me how the class’s jaws were dropping when he was talking. Everyone was quiet. No one interrupted him. They were hanging on his every word. When the bell rang for another class, one of the classmates shouted, “no one is leaving till he’s done.”  After his speech, they went to him and asked where he got such a topic. He told them he goes to Kings Club and they are all invited.  I was totally blown away by this, and how he is teaching others about good character.

Praise and Prayer Reports

Praise the Lord for school kids changing one another’s perspectives.

Praise the Lord for impact that CrossRoads is having on young people.

Please pray for more of these opportunities and impacts.

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