Magdalena Outreach

In September we had an outreach with the Magdalena Film at Moreletapark church. Dina Smith and Retha Erasmus were specifically involved with the arrangements. I helped on the day with the setup of the JF equipment and showing of the film. The focus was to share the gospel with woman residing at the squatters camp next to the church building. Since after the outreach she has been traveling from Mamelodi every week to disciple some of the ladies.

I have asked her to report back and the following is what she reported:

Afternoon my Brother. Kindly receive brief report on Progress so far Moreleta Church. Group started on the 15th, September with 15 Ladies. I asked them one by one on what they’ve Learnt from the Magdalene Film. Response was different& moving same time, others said: a woman need to be strong, always praying, others said Jesus stayed with people who didn’t believe, he didn’t undermine them, others said that if your life is in trouble, believe & pray. God will help you. It was an emotional session as I also asked how can the film help them to apply that to their lives & people in  the village. Response almost the same. We need to be taught in order to teach others. (Discipleship). Second week we started on Four spiritual laws book, then spirit filled life after we moved on to the way to God. It’s been eight weeks now hoping that by end Feb they’ll be ready to start their own small . The number is now reduced to 6. Others got jobs & trusting God for total breakthrough in every aspect of their lives

I asked her if they went out to apply practically what they’ve been learning.

She replied with the following:

Yes they did & tomorrow (29 Nov 2017) is our last day for this year. Hoping to get Bibles for them in January. In January they are looking forward to watch Walking with Jesus. We also have a mixed group with men. Very hungry for Jesus in same day  different time.

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