The Camp was a blast. The training was Intense, the lessons deep and the sweat Holy.

From the 23th to 26th November, AIA(Athletes In Action), Campus crusade for Christ Sports ministry, had an intensive Camp for their students athletes and anybody interested in fitness. I joined in as an athlete because I love God and fitness. The program is called Ultimate Training Camp(UTC).

The program is based on 5 principles that help athletes answer questions related to their difficulty in understanding how their relationship with Christ relates to their sport. These principles take a different story from the Bible and applies the Biblical Principle from that story to sport and competition.

Principle #1: Audience of one. We should worship God through our sport. God should be our motivation to win. Learning to compete for the ultimate audience(God) turns sport into worship. #2: Inside game- God`s love for us is our motivation. Give a “Thank-you response” to the Lord through our sport. #3: Holy Sweat- God provides resources for Spiritual training so that we can become more like Jesus. The encouragement is to rely on the Holy Spirit to be our strength for life and sport. #4: Hurting for Certain- God allows pain and trials to deepen our faith in Him. Trials and pain are part of God`s game plan. Sports can be God`s avenue for teaching you to respond appropriately to trials. #5 Victory beyond competition- God`s playing field extends beyond our competition. The focus is to invest our talents, leave a legacy and make an impact.

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