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Campus Crusade is committed to sharing the Good News of God’s love and forgiveness with all people. What began as a ministry to students on one campus in 1951, is now a worldwide movement with over 25 000 staff members, having a ministry presence in more than 200 countries.


We want to reach the following domains of the South African society – leaders, students, churches & those with electronic devices.
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Our Strategies that support the four pillars

Strategies that support the four pillars

Athletes in Action

– builds on society’s great love of sports and uses it as platform to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.

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Christian Embassy

– this is an organisation which seeks to serve and encourage members of the political and diplomatic communities.

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– provides life skills for character development. This is an educational strategy that helps participants preserve health.

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– provides Christ-centered teaching and resources that help build godly marriages and families who change the world one home at a time.

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Global Aid Network is an international network of ministries and churches, operating under the umbrella of Campus Crusade for Christ.

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Jesus Film Project

Takes Jesus to the people where they are, in their own language. The film, based on the Gospel of Luke, has been translated into more than 1400 languages.

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Jesus Film Mission Trips

Mobilises the body of Christ to take Jesus to the least evangelised and unreached people groups of the world. And how can anyone preach unless they are sent?

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Mothers Who Care

Consists of small groups of Christian mothers whose primary objective is to provide prayer and moral support to children, teachers and school administrators.

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Prayer is essential to our Mission and is expected to be integrated with the whole ministry. Dependence on God expressed through the lifestyle of prayer and a growing network.

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PAMOJA AFRICA” is the name of the all African students’ conference designed by Campus Crusade for Christ in Africa. PAMOJA is a Swahili word meaning “Together”.

What a Conference it was! It was epic, magnificent, fantastic, totally awesome and Super Cool. A wonderful team of 27 people from Campus Crusade for Christ-SA took a road trip to Zambia, Lusaka to attend this conference. We had 3 full-time staff, 7 young professionals, 2 bus drivers and 13 students. I had the BEST TEAM BUILDING OF MY LIFE IN THE BUS.

We slept 2 nights in the bus to Zambia and one night back home. We sang, we prayed, we had braais, shared and ate together, we joked, we laughed, we encouraged one another, exchanged blankets and sleeping bags, etc. This Trip created a community of Christ-centered, like-minded and compassionate group of young people that are ready to turn our campuses and the market place upside-dawn. All the speakers at the conference were on point and gave us delicious food for thought.

Charity Outreach

Last year on 17 November 2015 we had the privilege to have a LEGO Charity Outreach with Erich Postumus, a well known South African motivational speaker and comedian. I didn’t realise how this day will touch my heart! I realised how privileged I am and how many things I take for granted. The outreach reminded me of my childhood years. In 1976 when I was only three years old my parents found out that I was born hard of hearing. I only had about 40% hearing capacity.

The specialist told my parents that I will never live a normal life and that I will have to attend a special school for the deaf from age four. His verdict was that I will never be able to independently look after myself. But my parents decided not to accept his verdict! They just couldn’t find it in their hearts to let me go and live in a hostel and decided to raise me at home and walk along side me on this difficult road. They gave up so much to equip me for life!

At that stage I was receiving speech and other therapy and I had to go from Welkom where we lived, to Cape Town four times per year for tests to measure my progress. I wasn’t an easy child to handle and did not speak at all when I was with strangers. When I visited the doctors, speech therapist etc – the strangers – I just crept into …..and nobody could get anything done with me – not even my parents. It was extremely difficult for the doctors and specialists to determine how I was progressing.

I realised after all these years that it was my way to protect myself from getting hurt and didn’t then know how to handle everything. School was another difficult story and I was teased as the “little guy with the wires in his ears”! I always had to prove myself wherever I went. Through all of that, my parents were at my side and prepared to listen and encourage. Today I realise that if it was not for their love and faith in me as a person, I would not have been busy with my Father’s work.

Today I can testify that as a result of my parents’ faith in God and their trust in Him for the impossible that it is possible! They believed in my potential and that I will get out on top!

What I learnt from them:

-Through their faith, I learnt about God
-Through their faith, I was taught to rise above my circumstances
-Through their faith, they taught me that nothing is impossible
-Through their faith, they taught me that God is always there and will help me to reach my potential

After the outreach, I realised how many children there are that do not have parents to encourage and motivate them. How many children come from broken homes and cannot sit on someone’s lap to cry for comfort! I realised that this slogan is very true: “I can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” It is with these Lego outreaches that I have the opportunity to help hurting children. There are many organisation that can also use Lego to minister to children on their level. Together with Care for Education we help organisations to reach out to children and to minister and teach to them in a playful manner.


What does the dash between the dates on someone’s tombstone represent? A life well lived, or a life well wasted?! Did the person leave a legacy that has eternal value? How will this person be remembered? I recently did an Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS)* course on Church History and I was wondering how on earth could the church still be surviving as it is today? From the very beginning of the church, Christians were severely persecuted and killed, but somehow the Christians or followers of Christ were never exterminated. Rather, like the yeast in the dough of bread, the more it was kneaded the more it rose.

The more the Christians were persecuted, the more the faith was spread over the earth, especially in the first century. Today as a result of many believers persevering and never wavering on what they believed, we have the Scriptures which we believe are true copies of the original, we have faith that what we proclaim about Jesus is the truth according to those Scriptures and we have the Holy Spirit to lead us. The question is how will we persevere and be used by God to preserve Christianity in increasingly difficult circumstances? Are we also the yeast in the dough that rise and rise…? We have the greatest news ever to proclaim and we have so many platforms to proclaim it from, but are we really making a difference and are we really reaching the masses or are we a holy huddle where we only encourage each other and feel good together?

When other Christians look back after a century or more of the existence of our organisation, will they be able to say, that not only the individuals involved with the organisation over the years, but the organisation itself made such an impact in the South African society that it became one of the most influential and morally sound organisations in our country. Then the dash between our dates will really have eternal value. That would be my vision for us today and I pray that we will grab the opportunities given to us with both hands and absolutely make the best of every single one of them. We have the talents, abilities and desire to do so and we can raise the resources, since it all belongs to God.

I encourage us all to not only proclaim our faith and persevere in doing so, but also to do it boldly and without shame or fear, like the very first Christians did. They are still remembered today. Like them, will our actions and lives be a testimony of lives lived well and will we leave legacies with eternal value? I pray that it will and that God will lead us into that conquest. 2015 – ..? Gerda Snyman Communications Team Leader *The IBS course is presented annually by CCC for staff and disciples covering a variety of topics

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